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At Revolution Salon, we are part of a new way of thinking in hair care. A hair Salon with a wide range of services in Greenfield, indiana.  Hair care, pedicures, manicures, facials, massage therapy & reflexology.  We have it all right in downtown Greenfield Our Hair Salon staff is dedicated to providing you the best service in Greenfield.



We Moved! -- Again!

Have you wandered to the South side of West Main Street only to find that your favorite salon seems to be long gone. Well, it seems you might be a bit overdue for a visit. Just wander to the a east couple of blocks past State Street and the Hancock County Courthouse to 212 East Main Street.





Moroccan Oil, Aquage, Meuma, OPI products at Revolution Salon in Greenfield Indiana Moroccan Oil Aquage Neuma Beauty OPI